How Electrostatic Disinfecting Is Keeping Travellers Safe

Electrostatic Disinfecting

Airlines are now using electrostatic disinfecting technologies in order to keep travellers safe while travelling by air. The pandemic has had a massive hit on companies all over the world, and the airline sector has been no exception.

In order to ensure that flights can continue during COVID-19, airlines are utilizing modern technology to ensure the safety of all of their passengers. So the question is, how does this technology work? And why is it the best option for airline companies?

How Does Electrostatic Disinfectant Work?

Although this process is new to airlines, it is a tried and true method that has been used in many other industries for the past 60 years. Industries like farming and automotive have seen success with electrostatic disinfection for decades now.

What these high-tech sprayers do is combine a solution with air that’s atomized by an electrode. This charges all of the liquids before they are passed through the sprayer nozzle. The generated charge droplets then seek out many different surfaces that they begin to disinfect. In combination with disinfectants and detergents, the electrostatic technology positively charges solutions that cling to negative or neutrally charged pathogens living on all surfaces. This means more of the product sticks to surfaces, rather than falling to the ground.

The process is great for getting those hard-to-reach areas while not leaving a mess. This, matched with the fact that it’s efficient and requires less time than other cleaning methods, makes electrostatic disinfection highly effective.

Source: EMist

Why Is This Method More Useful Than Other Methods?

The electrostatic disinfecting process combines efficiency and speed. It’s perfect for cleaning areas that many people gather in, in a much shorter time than other traditional methods. For airlines, people are getting on and off airplanes frequently at a very fast pace. As a company, the airline needs to ensure that safe measures are being taken every time travellers board the plane.

The spray nozzle used to disinfect sprays evenly across all surfaces, which means you can avoid a full wipe down of all areas after you spray. This wasn’t possible with just a regular spray bottle. It doesn’t leave a wet mess, and it disinfects all areas evenly.

This disinfectant is the future of cleaning for not only airlines but for any other industry that deals with large volumes of people throughout the day. Airlines are keen on practicing safety measures and utilizing electrostatic disinfection is as safe as it gets when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting any given area.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Airlines

Electrostatic Disinfectant Fights Many Diseases

Electrostatic disinfectant combats different diseases like the coronavirus and many others. The mist that is sprayed through the nozzle grips on to different surfaces and fights infectious diseases that could be lingering on those surfaces.

Another great aspect of this method of cleaning is that it fights and gets rid of these viruses instantly. So for industries like airlines, passengers don’t need to wait to board their flight. As soon as the solution is sprayed, the area is clean and safe for passengers to board.

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