5 Touch Point Swab Assessments for the Win!

The first and last steps of our sanitizing process is conducting swab tests. In order to test the efficacy of our work, it’s important to know what currently lives on the surface(s) we are sanitizing. 

Knowing what pathogens are growing on the areas you’re testing can help you determine the best action plan. Listeria is something that prefers cold and moist environments, while Salmonella will grow in moist or dry places. Being able to target the pathogens provided an enhance protocol, keeping everyone safe. 

Public Health Ontario (PHO) labs perform pathogen specific testing in suspected cases of foodborne outbreak investigations. This type of testing can be detrimental in quickly seeking out the source of bacteria, as well to be able to do contact tracing to inform any potentially infected or affected individuals. They know there’s no point in testing the walls and tables, if the source likely started at the cutting board, or meat slicers.  You have to a little digging sometimes to find the original source and make sure it’s eliminated. 

Much like PHO, our 5 Touch Point Swab Assessments require some detective work. We seek out that are more likely to be contaminated. For playgrounds, that may be handrails and the sides of slides. For restaurants, it’s kitchens and bathrooms.  During the swab tests, and subsequent sanitizing protocols, we make sure every nook and cranny is safe. 

Swab assessments provide immediate results that provide feedback on the effectiveness of current cleanliness routines. Management can determine if their business’s current standards are appropriate, or if there is a need for corrective action, or further training. Since our process includes providing you with a pathogens log, objective records can be kept for any potential exposure or outbreak situations. 

Partnering with Dynamo Sanitizing and Pressure Washing, along with our official Stamp of Approval, can assure your community, clients, customers, family and friends that the area is safe. 

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