Dynamo Sanitizing

Our Disinfectant

We use a Health Canada registered, high-impact, electrolyzed water disinfectant solution. It is 200 times more effective than bleach, killing harmful pathogens in 1 minute with no residue! Kills COVID-19, H1N1, Flu virus, E.Coli, Mold, Mildew and other harmful pathogens in 1 minute!
  • Eco-friendly, all-natural, organic disinfectant
  • Non-toxic
  • Child safe
  • Canada Safety Guide approved
  • Food safe
  • 100% safe for kids, pets, marine life and/or plants
  • Chemical-free
  • Hospital-grade – extremely effective!
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Dynamo Sanitizing

Get the Dynamo Sanitizing Seal of Approval

Once we've sanitized your surface areas, we'll give you the Dynamo Sanitizing Seal of Approval, assuring your community that your space is safe!