Indoor Sanitizing Solutions

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From reception areas, desks and telephones to elevators, staff and clients exchange a variety of germs and bacteria. Despite regular cleaning, there is still a host of pathogens that can live on your surfaces.
Our indoor sanitizing solutions help to eliminate these contaminants, keeping your facility virus and bacteria-free.
Dynamo Sanitizing
Reduces Infection Rates
Dynamo Sanitizing
Up to 99.999%
Kill Rate
Dynamo Sanitizing
360-Degree Coverage
Dynamo Sanitizing
Eliminates Cross-contamination
Dynamo Sanitizing
Fast-acting Bacteria Killer
Dynamo Sanitizing
Gentle on Sensitive Surfaces
Indoor Sanitizing Solutions

Our Indoor Sanitizing Solutions Treatment Process

  • 1
    Touch Point Swab Assessments

    Dynamo Sanitizing swab testing analyzes the number of pathogens living on your surfaces.

  • 2
    Hot Steam Application

    As needed, we will apply our hot steam application, which helps to loosen compacted dirt and grime. This process ensures germs and bacteria are killed before going airborne!

  • 3
    Electrostatic Disinfecting Process

    Alongside our sanitizing products, our electrostatic disinfecting technology positively charges substances, which then wraps around negative or neutrally charged pathogens on your surfaces. This process helps to kill harmful bacteria and viruses in 1 minute!

Dynamo Sanitizing Indoor Sanitizing Solutions

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