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Protecting your community

It’s important for your community to stay healthy as they enjoy public spaces. With our outdoor sanitizing treatment, we disinfect and sanitize commonly used outdoor equipment and furnishings, you help to reduce the chances of people getting sick or infecting their loved ones.
This helps to maintain the overall safety of your community. Our outdoor sanitizing solutions utilize Health Canada registered, highly effective, eco-friendly products that will keep your surfaces virus and bacteria-free.
Dynamo Sanitizing
Dynamo Sanitizing
Up to 99.999%
Kill Rate
Dynamo Sanitizing
360-Degree Coverage
Dynamo Sanitizing
Eliminates Cross-contamination
Dynamo Sanitizing
100% Safe For Kids, Pets & Plants
Dynamo Sanitizing
Indoor Sanitizing

Making Outdoor Spaces Safe

Playgrounds are high-traffic areas at  schools, recreational facilities and public parks. While children are at play, frequent contact increases the chances of students, teachers, families, children and their guardians of being exposed to illness-inducing pathogens that can live on swings, slides and other recreational equipment.

Most schools and daycares are focused on cleaning their indoor equipment. But what about the play spaces outside? These surfaces are breeding grounds for a host of harmful pathogens that are often overlooked. While children and their guardians are continuously in contact with play surfaces, this increases the risk of cross-contamination and exposure to mild to life-threatening illnesses. Dynamo Sanitizing’s outdoor sanitizing solutions take care of your outdoor playground sanitizing needs by sterilizing your surfaces and keeping your clients and community safe!

Our Outdoor Sanitizing Solutions Treatment Process

  • 1
    Swab Testing

    Our outdoor sanitizing swab testing analyzes the number of pathogens existing on your surfaces before the Dynamo Sanitizing process begins!

  • 2

    We use an organic, chemical free, fast acting bacteria killing detergent to eliminate dirt and grime. It is also 100% safe for kids, pets, plants and marine life!

  • 3
    How Water & Low Pressure Steam Treatment

    We use 350 F of hot water and steam to instantly loosen compacted dirt and grime, also killing mold and mildew before going airborne!

  • 4
    Electrostatic Disinfecting Process

    Alongside our sanitizing products, our electrostatic technology positively charges substances which then clings to negative or neutrally charged pathogens on your surfaces!

  • 5
    Swab Testing

    Analyzes the pathogen levels on your surfaces after we complete the Dynamo Sanitizing process, to show you the difference. We also keep a log of your levels for future sessions!

Dynamo Sanitizing Outdoor Sanitizing Solutions

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