Regular cleaning doesn't cut it anymore.

We offer a Professional Disinfecting & Sanitizing service.

  • Kills harmful bacteria and viruses including influenza, RSV, and COVID-19
  • Reduces infection rates among children, staff, and visitors
  • 360-degree coverage through the use of Electrostatic Disinfecting
  • Non-toxic products that are safe for children
  • Health Canada registered solutions

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    The Future of Disinfection: Long Stay Pathogen Protection

    1. Keeps Surfaces Safe
    Ensure the safety of your staff and clientele by preventing cross-contamination and recontamination as they enjoy business services.

    2. Disinfect Wisely
    With long stay protection, our clients save money on costly solutions, manpower and time loss through traditional disinfection methods, allowing them to focus their money, time and attention on other business needs.

    3. Commercial Grade Protection
    Using electrostatic technology and non-toxic disinfection and antimicrobial solutions, we provide 360-degree coverage with a 99.999% kill rate, keeping your facilities pathogen-free for up to 30 days.

    Dynamo Sanitizing

    Get the Dynamo Sanitizing Seal of Approval

    Once we've sanitized your surface areas, we'll give you the Dynamo Sanitizing Seal of Approval, assuring your community that your space is safe!