A New World of Protocols

Chances are if your daily tasks prior to Covid-19 didn’t already include keeping people safe during pandemics then you may not have had the skill sets required to be launched into the realm of sanitizing and proper cleaning protocols.  Commercial cleaners were among the few who were up-to-date on their knowledge of standards.  Restaurants, daycares, hospitals, and LTCs have their safety standards in place, but beyond a general cleaning most businesses and homes weren’t doing daily deep-cleans or sanitizing protocols.  We were thrown into a world of sanitizers, with such urgency that many of us got blindsided by our own lack of protocols, too. 

Some days it seems like germs must not have existed prior to Covid-19 flipping our lives upside down.  It’s an unfortunate that a pandemic was what sparked an immediate reminder about how easily we may have slipped out of the overall awareness about the importance of cleaning for health. 

In a recent survey conducted by Clorox¹, of facility managers and buildings service contractors, 91% say the staff at their company or facility have had to learn new cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and 96% say that janitorial staff are asked to do more now to help provide greater confidence to occupants and visitors. Internal training departments struggle to keep up with the ever-changing information that was being released.  

The bar for ‘cleanliness’ was raised, and many of us flocked to the cleaning supplies sections at our local department stores to stock up on all things cleaning related.  Our standard cleaning practices were no longer up to snuff, and quite frankly, we may never return to a society of ‘standard’ ever again. Enhanced is the new standard. 

There’s a reason why cleaning companies like Go Clean Co have seen an explosion of loyal following on social media.  Beyond our own personal fascination with before/after content, most of us just don’t know what enhanced protocols mean or what we should be doing differently to ensure a continued, higher standard to help keep ourselves and our communities safe. 

It’s not an easy task to keep up with, luckily that’s where Dynamo Sanitizing and Pressure Washing can help!  Targeting high-touch and high-traffic areas to help reduce germs that can spread illness is of urgency if we want our businesses to remain open. If we bolster our protocols permanently, we can help avoid further lockdowns or restrictions. For children, seniors, and people in assisted living facilities this can be especially important for their mental health and a good quality of life. 

Let’s work together to help find a balanced approach to keep our family, friends, and customers safe.

¹Clorox Professional Online Facility Manager/Builder Service Contractor Study, October 2021

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